Itsy-Bitsy Teen-Weeny Update Since You Haven’t Seen Me…

There’s always a reason for why bloggers don’t update for weeks.

Good Reason: Kidnapped by Vikings and taken on a three-month pillaging voyage against their will.

Bad  Reason: Bag of Doritos was obscuring the keyboard.

Good  Reason: Ravenous wolves ate my hands while camping and was waiting for dictation software to arrive.

Bad Reason: Netflix wouldn’t load with so many tabs open in Chrome

Good  Reason: Graduation, selling childhood home, moving to new house and starting a job took lots of time and energy.

Bad Reason: My “s” key won’t type unless I hit it like a semi crushing a water bottle on the highway.

In case you somehow haven’t figured it out, the last two reasons are my own. Yes, I graduated Cum Lade from Houghton College in May, and then moved home and immediately started with some home/animal care work. Within a month of being home, we were frantically packing belongings, setting up a garage sale, throwing away piles of trash and useless accumulations from our past, and moving. My parents moved into our new rental house, and I moved enough stuff to get me through summer. The rest of my worldly belongings are packed neatly into a 10×15 storage unit, waiting to be moved to New York in August.

As for the “s” key dilemma, it’s taken me a while to get through even this short post, but it’s time for me to get past my irrational fear of slow typing and excessive use of my backspace key. I’m back on the internet, and I’m really excited to share all the activity that this summer has seen thus far.

It’s good to be back.

Look for my return to the blogging game on Friday!


About SisyphusFalls

I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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  1. Copy the letter “s,” then control-P every time you need it. I’ve had problems with keyboards before too. :)P

  2. Carolyn Prahst

    Great fun Hannah b…made me smile…:D Sorry about the ‘s’ key but glad your overcoming it. You could try using words without ‘s’ in them… or let people know that ‘q’ or ‘z’ (which are sadly under-used letters) are now the new ‘s’ ! For example…Zhe zellz zea zhellz by the zee zhore or…Qhe qellq qea qhellq by the qee qhore…Well…you get the idea… 😀

  3. Linda Prahst Yanega

    Glad to have you back!! I have missed you. As for your “S” problem, I agree with the above. Sounds like it could make more challenging reading anyway!

  4. Good to hear you are still kickin’. Any chance you hit your “s” key so hard (maybe in combo with Ctrl and Esc or something) that it sent your header and a couple other elements in Spanish? I see something about a diarios and commentarios on my end. Maybe it’s something I hit….

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