Days Like This

Nothing is more refreshing than waking up well rested, sunlight twinkling below the blinds and dancing on the floor. The sheets are warm, the pillow is soft, and the body is relaxed. What better way to begin a week than to wake up like this and then bake a hot breakfast?

The smell of freshly-baked sweet scones and dripping coffee make my entire apartment smell like a home. Even when a chilly October gust leaks through the crooked sill of my kitchen window, the room is warm and rich with scents and sounds and comfort. Birds sing thanks for the new seed on the deck.

Wrapped in the fleece of my dearest Matt and padding along the hallway in worn slippers, it’s the first time I will be ready to leave the house ahead of schedule. is insistently assuring me that it will be WINDY (when they don’t put up a picture of the weather, they mean it.) So, it’s a sweater day despite the glowing sun. No bother, I have hot coffee and a warm scone and a crisp Winesap apple, right off the tree.

My walk is decorated with golden leaves and the babbling creek. The wind is cool but not cold, and the sun is warm but not hot. Moderation seems to be the theme of the day, especially since I managed to limit myself to only two scones.

Chapel is full of good friends and friendly faces. The speaker was good, the company familiar and the time well-spent.

My Monday schedule provides some leniency and a calm  transition from October break.

It’s funny how I can write a post so fragmentary when my heart is so full of joy. It’s strange how detachment can allow me to look back at my morning and see the delight in it while being so matter-of-fact. Yesterday, I fought my way back to Houghton in pouring rain and darkness and was rewarded with Matt waiting for me with dinner. Tonight I’m celebrating being Artist of the Week and an open schedule by attempting my first meatloaf dinner. If we can’t delight in the small things, life will become dark and dull very fast.

It’s days like this that remind me why I’m alive.


About SisyphusFalls

I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day and your delight. I could smell the coffee and scones. (Maybe we should talk about that draft problem.) Lovely fall post!

  2. Boy, did we have different types of days. Even the warmths and niceties brought into my moments are overshadowed. I’m afraid of winter. Again. But your day sounds appealing. Maybe one of those will come soon.

    What is Artist of the Week about? Is that the Star feature thing? For the last year or two I had little interest in Starring because of content and agendas; this year, so far, based on the 2 issues I’ve picked up, it’s more because of poor attention to detail. But if you’re in it, I’ll pick one up!

    • Artist of the Week is the small feature on the back of the paper – basically just a summary of why I do what I do with art and a small sampling of my work. I’d be honored if you picked a paper up on my account!

      As for fearing winter, I know your fears well. Houghton has taught me to tremble at change, especially of the cold, dark, long months ahead. But that also means warmth and fellowships, it means good hearty food, it means Christmas and a new year ahead… so even when the darkness seems to overwhelm, I keep trying to find the light. In many ways, those days won’t always just drop in your lap… you have to choose to help shape them and make them something beautiful and full. I’ve had many days I could have saved except that my bad attitude and unwillingness to let go held me back. I regret those times. But, I try and make up for them with times like the one written about above!

      I hope you get to enjoy one of those days soon. If I could wrap one up with ribbon and send it your way, I would. Instead, I’ll see you in Sym Winds, That’s the best I can do at this point. That’s not much, but I like to think that life is always better with a bass 🙂

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