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Atheists who are militant about their intellectual arguments and vehement about hating God are fundamentally impossible. They cannot exist, but I suppose they’ve decided that “they think, therefor they are.” That does not work. If you insist that I’m wrong, you’re as deluded as they are, and I’ll tell you why.

Many atheists believe that there is no God. He is the “imaginary friend” of the evangelical Christian. He’s a myth, a joke, a fairy tale, and if you believe otherwise, many atheists won’t hesitate to tell you that you’re a moronic and sentimental fool. The problem is that many atheists hate God and make this fact clear as well. Immediate problem: How the heck can you hate something that doesn’t exist?

Don’t try and give me the crap logic tirade that I have had shoved in my face time and time again. You’ll end up wasting your breath with this conservative writer, because frankly, I know the truth in my heart and you can’t change that. If you believe God does not exist and you hate him or the thought of him, you are living a purely illogical lie and you are steeped to the waist in it.

S.E Cupp, author and commentator, was our feature luncheon speaker for WJI today. She’s spunky, direct, brilliant and a complete minority in the spheres of the public square – She’s an atheist who supports the Christian Conservative struggle in the U.S. People have accused her of faking her atheism to get an angle and draw attention to herself. Liberals, especially those in big media, can’t stand the thought that she would support the Conservative Christian right. As far as I’m concerned, she’s one of the most real, genuine atheists that I’ve ever met. She’s not trying to erase God. She doesn’t believe in his existence, but she defends and admires those who have a secure faith and she knows better than to try and fight people that God doesn’t exist.

Atheists will argue that if you can’t show them evidence of the Creator, he does not exist and you will not convince them otherwise. Until the day comes when an atheist can come up with 100% proof that an Almighty Creator does not exist, I will disregard any judgment of my beliefs, faith walk or character. I cannot give you any tangible proof of God. I don’t have his fingerprint records or photograph or autograph. I do have the Bible, the word of God, and while that won’t satisfy most atheists, it’s good enough for me.

If you think and therefor, you are, the same fundamental principle must be applied to God in your personal life. You may not believe that there is a Divine Being in control of the universe, but you also can’t make yourself supreme. You are human, just like the rest of us.

Today’s class began with an excellent devotional time by Robert Case, followed by an immediate transition to the instruction of Professor Michael Smith of Campbell University. Gonzo reporting, a method Smith uses of getting journalists to “get up and go” has been an electrifying concept. I’ve been running all over the city meeting members of the Cleveland Orchestra. By chance, I actually met the man behind the works that I had been hoping to speak with – Musical Director himself, Franz Welser-Möst. He passed me the first time and I think my brain recognized him, but it took a good minute to sink in. I had walked around the back of Carnegie to take some pictures when a very familiar person walked towards me. He was wearing jeans, a blue polo and had a pale yellow sweater tied in a loose knot around his neck. I smiled at him, walked past and stopped dead. Here he was, just the man I was looking for at a time when I wasn’t even looking. Providence? Yes.

Quickly, I ratified the matter of my muteness by whipping around and approaching him. I introduced myself and mentioned my story and my connection to the Orchestra. He shook my hand and by this point, I was quaking with uncontrollable, unbidden excitement. He was gracious enough to wait for me to get a picture, even letting me delete a few off of my CF card since (Murphy’s Law) I had just filled it up. While it’s not a great photo on my part, he was more than kind and gave me a wonderful smile. It’s nice to see musical directors and conductors get a break from routine seriousness.

More tomorrow on my day today – orchestra rehearsal, press passes, article madness, another encounter and wonderful work.

Take care, turn around, shake the hand behind you…



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I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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  1. Linda Yanega

    Love reading your blog entries! Thanks for letting us into your world!

  2. Exciting stuff going on there for you. Anything *recent* stir you to write about militant atheist God-haters, or is this something perpetually stuck in chew-on-it mode (as it would be for me)? I’ll bet your exposure to this S.E. Cupp was, and shall be for quite a while, an experiential highlight….

    • S.E Cupp came and spoke (obviously, you read) and she was talking about militant atheists (which she is not). It just got me to thinking, and it is one of those chew-on-it ideas. She also kept saying “Thank God” and “Oh My God” and I laughed a little inside: “Who are you thanking, hon?” She was a wonderful speaker and I really admire her, but I still don’t get how she gets away with saying such things without stunning herself. It’s just our society, but it’s completely silly.

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