Waking Thoughts

Every once and a while at home, I actually wake up before the world really starts moving.

There have been summers where I have sat on my couch, awake, until the entire backyard was that perfect shade of blue – the one where the sun hasn’t risen, but the bird have started to wake and everything is covered in a rich, pale blue. Sometimes, I didn’t intend to stay up quite that late (or early), but sometimes I just hadn’t wanted to go to sleep.

Trust me, I lovemornings. I don’t even mind that we live within earshot of the freeway. I just love being awake before the day has gotten out of bed. This morning, “Junebug” by Robert Francis started playing on my iPod and I could just slowly open my eyes, stretch and bask in my languid state until I felt inspired to write. A breeze heavy with spring and the remnants of last night’s thunderstorm are enough to refresh anyone.

Even though my time in bed won’t last long, it’s still nice to have that moment to love life and thank God for the beauty in our suffering world. These times of peace do not mean the world stops its pain or strife, but it means I have the unbelievable opportunity to enjoy some of the wonderful lightness of my little sphere of being. If only other people could know this joy…

Today, I’ll be visiting the Farmers Market at Shaker Square, an open-air farmers market that has been returning to Shaker Square for sixteen years now. The market, open from April 3rd until December 8th, is a chance for local farmers and other merchants to gather for commerce and celebration of local agriculture. It’ll be my first time to the market and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m also helping my father assemble a batting cage today, provided the rain doesn’t soak us out. As of now, the sky is speckled with a smattering of gray clouds, but hopefully they won’t stick around for very long. Ohio lives so much in rain and snow that any sunny day is difficult to give away to dark clouds. We take the sun that we can get and love every moment of it 🙂

So here’s until later when we’ve all woken up!

Take care, love life, find joy.



About SisyphusFalls

I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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