Seasonal Ills

Houghton is a campus unique in that while we suffer through a long and grueling winter, we are stricken by spring. Marking the season is easy in nature. We see trees start to blossom, animals reappearing from their hiding places and hibernation, and the world thawing with a sense of renewal. At Houghton, we need no such obvious signs. The past few days, we have been warming up to an unexpected seasonal thaw. The air has shifted from the stale dryness of winter to being laced with overtones of spring – moist earth, soft warmth, the kiss of the sun… and with this tiny cue towards season change, campus erupted with life. We reached an uncommon high of 55 degrees today. Back in 1977, a record was broken with 69 degrees.

Only a few degrees away… It’s hard to face the fact that while winter may be over for now, cold walls still keep us prisoners until May. It’s not that I mind at all. I am enjoying my classes and my time with my friends. I am currently at odds with a dear friend and have my sophomore review for art tomorrow. Both of these things are merely trials I need to get past before I can reach my own spring.

And the temperature just dropped by at least 10 degrees. Weather site conflict and one will lie. I can’t really decide what I’m looking forward to most – warm summer nights or clear, blue summer mornings. So many memories are rushed back with the faintest of these rich breezes. Some of friends, some of one… not all are good. In fact, many of them are far from happy. I was such a different person this time last year. I was not a good person this time last year. Those terms are so petty, but it doesn’t mean I was bad. I simply was not good for myself or for others.

Since last night, sitting in the cold, many things have changed. I am awaiting my sophomore review for Art. It’s warm in the seminar room today – a good sign that things are as they should be. I am worried and I am nervous, but I shall be given strength. After all, I am the one who’s paying them. They shall not quell my dreams.

They can quell my dreams. They’re being paid to do just that if I’m not worthy. Lord, give me the courage and the strength to do whatever…

I’ll check in when I’ve awoken from this dream.


About SisyphusFalls

I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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