Monthly Archives: April 2008

So Enchanted

We’ve seen the groups on Facebook, we’ve seen all the movies, we’ve had the dresses, we had the hair. The Barbies lay tucked in next to us at night, and we dreamed of our true love (even though we were too young and thought boys were gross) while curling up in our Beauty and the Beast sheets.

And still, life can just be a little enchanted.

I just love the fact that Disney can mock themselves. In fact, it’s the only way that mockery should happen. When we can laugh at ourselves, not only is it done tastefully, but also with more honesty and love. And that is why I love Enchanted. Disney looked at themselves, knowing they could make more, and then allowed themselves to make a masterpiece out of their own flaws, realities and history. It’s touching, funny, warm and attractive to all, old and new Disney fans alike, and of course, Patrick Dempsey adds that especially attractive touch :D.

How do you know that she loves you?

Oh, that she would be angry at you.
To touch you gently, confusion in her eyes,

and then the looking back

to meet your eyes

and then you know
all is right.