Will The Real Jane Austen..

Please… stand up.

Ah yes, another year of Halloween. The leaves are turning lovely shades of red, much like the faces of the people watching the “French Maid” parade go past in the hall. The air is colder, like Mr. Vauter’s disposition when he sees yet ANOTHER mask covering some “smiling student face” (haha grimace grimace).

I accept the fact that this holiday could be labeled as Whoreloween, or carving some Slut-O-Lanterns, but I really enjoy dressing up. Being a lovely Jane Austen this year, I accepted my fate that someone would mistake me for a saucy wench, yet no one did! I got Mary Poppins, Some Medieval Lady, Jane Eyre (“But I don’t want to be the ugly governess, mumsy… make them stop!”) and finally, “some sort of green poofy lady”. I was fine with that, heck, that was it. But I enjoyed the day, say for the elastic digging into my skin and this cursed bodice cutting of air flow and circulation. I love the sleeves, but they snagged my papers. Yeah… trying to (ironically) take an English test and having my Romantic-era sleeves bend the corners or my essay. Curse you, Miss Austen!

Now having a conversation about… bodices with Kramer. Uh huh….


I’m not going Trick-or-Treating.


About SisyphusFalls

I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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  1. you didn’t go trick or treating!
    tell me you at least went to giant eagle the next day and bought all of the discounted candy!!!
    I had the oppurtunity to do neither!
    Jane austen huh?
    I bet the english dept. loved u to pieces. lol
    I want to see pictures!
    tell me someone took pitures of you in costume! cause if not you have to get all decked out in you jane austen splendor and send me a pic anyway! lol.
    Missing you!
    I’ll be home for thankgiving and I’ll be in solon til after new years, u kno what that means right?
    u have to hang out with me! hahaaa

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