And One More… Fourth.

Oh, what a beautiful day. Of course, the ensuing rain and the lovely grey clouds have a way of draping the day in a sorry outlook, but at the same time the world is a cool place to be. As always, I come to you with a certain amount of stiffness. Fairly tired and frustrated with myself, I have looked forward to getting my temps (driver’s Lics.) for quite a while. And of course, a year and a half after when I make the motion to actually get the dumb book with its shiny yellow signs and sit down to fall asleep reading it, I find that I would have to drive three hours to receive my temps on a Monday. Tuesday I babysat, hoping once more to drive (hah, pun) forward to get them.

 Little did I know I needed half of  my medical records, finger prints, social security and a blood sacrifice to receive said license. Psht. So instead, I went to a movie and simmered over the fact that I may be doomed never to get the card. I will never drive. H, the eternal hitchhiker, walking for miles until someone scrapes her body from the scorched roads somewhere in Arizona.

Tomorrow will be the day. I swear it.

Also, for the non-readers you all are, I have my daily tip: If you need film developed, do it your bloody self. I need to get BW400 developer for pity’s sake. My SLR is not my best friend, I wanted to use my digital. No hope. Charger busted. Much shame and indignation. *sniff*

So another fourth of July. Hmm… Burgers and fireworks, family and friends and the drizzle away in the yard. At dinner last night, Chinese was the order and my fortune actually sounded valid, but it will not be fufilled. I don’t believe in that tripe, but I almost wish I did. “Your lost treasure will be found within the month.” My lost treasure is currently in Macedonia, having a good summer and running off to Hawaii. My heart aches for “the absence” but nothing will be done… letters ignored and little dreams slowly blurred as we move deep into the heart of July. And so much work to be done before camp… It’s a shock I can miss K at all.

The end of it. While anyone browsing might trip over this block on the world on Internetia, I doubt I’ve had a reader yet. Why have a address bar when no one bothers to type in it?

Type, curse you. Just give me a sign!
And the beat goes on.

As Always,


About SisyphusFalls

I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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  1. Hey Hannah…here’s your reader…yes you do have a reader and it’s me. I know the feeling about those stupid temps…I had to go back 3 times because I forgot one stupid paperwork. And 4th of July was fun, and I’m sorry I couldn’t go, but you know I’m always here! (except I’ve been busy as heck this week and I hope things’ll slow down a little) And don’t worry, I’m sure things’ll start to work their way back up with you and “K”

    Love you mucho Hannah Banan’s! I’ll see you soon!

  2. You’re a lovely writer. That intro is beautiful:) The picture of the flag is awesome too. It looks cool. Just tell me that you found it desecrated–all my male relatives are veterans.

    I can empathize with your camera woes. . .my digital camera is in for repair. So, I’m taking way fewer pictures than normal. Plus, I took my film to Giant Eagle to be developed “in one hour”. That was Monday. It’s now Friday and it’s still not ready. I think my pics from shutterfly (sent in on the same day) will arrive here via regular mail first.

    Re: fortune cookie. Maybe what you really treasure is your driver’s license. I bet that WILL work out before the end of the month:) Persevere. There’s such freedom in driving:)


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