If 21 is the legal drinking age…

Then why are we pretending it’s 17?

Today at school, a mock accident is being staged by SADD to show the dangers of drinking and driving, especially around Prom time. I, who is not planning on drinking OR doing drugs before this event, feel as if I am being forced to go. I understand the depth of this issue, since students are naturally thick skulled and ignorant to the deep impact and damage of such a disaster. However, at least those raised in this school system, we have all been pumped full of these “skills for healthy life” since first grade. DARE, Health class, SADD… If people have not gotten the message from these warnings, how will seeing a bunch of their classmates playing dead make any more difference? We all watch movies. Even if you say you don’t, it cannot be avoided. Many movies have either an actual scene of a drunk driver smashing his vehicle or the discussion of one’s death by this theme. “Bad Boys II”, “Intolerable Cruelty” to name a few. If we have seen these portrayals of the dangers of drinking and driving, then h0w will viewing it outside make any difference? If anything, it will make less of an impact because we all know it is a “mock accident”.

People will probably read this and call me a heathenish cynic for attempting to drive away (no pun intended) the idea of trying to warn teenagers about the dangers of throwing back a few cold ones before sliding behind the wheel. But in actuality, all this does is give teens the impression that they are allowed to drink before age 21. By even suggesting that drinking and driving would occur, it’s like… unspoken permission to do that. While yes, it may be warning against it, many will only embrace that activity.

And for those of us clean and non-promming, what’s in it for us?
I get to miss ASL, my easiest class of the day. Boy, big incentive.

So really… if the legal age is far above what any of our high school ages, why are they acting as if it is now?

Once again, think what you will. The reason I am here is to give my opinion… nothing more.




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I have been writing ever since I could read, and before that simply using my imagination. I write, think and love deeply.

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